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Certified Organic Sprouting Seed
We are certified by the Organic Trust. We supply only top quality certified organic sprouting seed.
We help you grow - check our reviews!
Our kits are easy to use and failproof. We are committed to helping you every step of the way.
No green fingers needed - promise!
Growing food can be easy and quick! You don't need a garden, you can grow anywhere all year!

What makes us different

If you are reading this then chances are you are ready to kick off your indoor and urban growing journey! We are a small Irish business that specialises in ways to grow huge amounts of incredibly healthy, fresh, organic food indoors all year round. Here's what we are all about:

  • We are certified Organic: Our sprouting seeds and coco coir are certified organic by the Organic Trust. (Symbol/license no. 1753) No GMO, no pesticides, no herbicides - nada! Just clean, fresh and organic seed - the way nature intended! Our heirloom tomato seeds and chilli seeds are open pollinated and grow without harmful chemicals.
  • We are here for you always: We don't want you to have a bad time using our kits and products. If something goes wrong, we send you more seeds and guide you through the process till you nail it! If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund you no questions asked - Zero risk involved!
  • We use recyclable packaging & avoid single use plastics where possible: Our trays are made from recycled plastic, we don't use plastic for void fill and we use recycled paper and cardboard wherever possible. There is no need for excessive plastic waste and we take this commitment very seriously.
  • We are Eden Reforestation Partners With your help, we finance the planting of a tree for every single order placed on our website. It's not much yet, but as a small business we aim to increasingly promote and fund causes we believe in the more we grow.

We are a small business and are proud of what we do. We will keep striving to improve our processes and supply chain to ensure that the planet is not worse off by us being in business. Our customers and our planet are the most important factors in our how we run our business and we hope that you get to experience and share in some of the love we have for growing food at home!

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