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How to grow microgreens and get it perfect every time!

Growing microgreens is super easy and you can begin harvesting most crops in only 7 - 10 days! 

Our kits and methods make it almost impossible to mess up. We provide you with the best equipment for the job and supply organic seed and soil that has been tested for any harmful pathogens and have proven high germination rates.

Our techniques are easy to learn and once you get the hang of it, you can produce a reliable and consistent harvest every single time!


Sow your seeds

Spread your seeds as evenly as possible over the surface of the Coco Coir. Microgreen seeds are sown very densely to ensure a large harvest. Take care to avoid any piles of seeds. Gently move the seeds around with your finger if required. Mist the seeds well with your spray bottle.


Weighing your seeds

Place 4 tins of beans or a similar weight in the other black tray and place directly on top of your seeds. Don’t worry, they can handle it! This step helps your microgreens develop strong roots in order push up against the weight. It also stops any stronger seedlings outgrowing their weaker siblings! Leave in a dark place to germinate.


Blackout phase

The seedlings will push up against the weight up as they grow, forcing them to build strong roots. When the seedlings are about 2cm tall and have pushed the tray and weight up, remove the weight and flip the top tray into a blackout dome. You should not need to water until your greens are exposed to light. However, if the coir looks dry, mist lightly.


Ready for light

Microgreens actually grow quicker in the dark, so we use the blackout phase to stretch them quickly to achieve a good length for harvest. After 24 - 48 hours, your seedlings will be standing up straight and will have doubled in height! When the seedlings have grown 1cm taller than the rim of the tray, remove the dome and place them in light! A windowsill that receives at least some sun every day is all you need.

Bottom watering

To water your microgreens, lift the green tray up and pour 100ml of water into the black tray. This is called bottom watering.

If the soil still looks very dry after 10 minutes, add another small amount of water. They don’t require much!

A good way to tell if your crop needs a drink is by feeling the weight of the tray. When the tray feels light, give your greens a drink. When it feels heavy, they aren’t thirsty!




Refer to your seed packet for our recommended time to harvest. For most crops, you simply want to grow the greens to a length that makes it easy to harvest. To harvest, use a scissors or sharp knife and cut about 1cm above the soil level. Once your tray is harvested, you can compost the coir and roots. Microgreens will keep growing if left unharvested. Experiment, taste as they grow and find out what works for you in your environment!


Now that you can grow like a pro why not check out our Microgreen starter kits, our create your own microgreen kits where you choose any seeds you want to grow or browse our Microgreen seeds collection.

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