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How to grow Sprouts and get it perfect every time!

Sprouts are a living food and are the germinated seed of a vegetable. Sprouting unlocks a whole range of health benefits and increases nutrient levels drastically. Sprouting is easy and safe to do, if you follow a few simple rules.


Soak your seeds

Add 2-3 spoons of seeds to your jar to start. Overfilling the jar can cause problems with drainage and airflow so start small and work your way up! Place your lid on the jar and tighten before filling your seeds to soak for allocated time.


Rinse your seeds

Fill your jar with enough water to cover   your sprouts. Swirl, drain and repeat 2-3   times to keep your sprouts fresh and   healthy. Gently shake any excess water   out of the jar. You want your sprouts to   get a good rinse and be slightly moist   but not sitting in pools of water. Rinse   and drain well twice a day, every day.


Disperse your seeds

After each rinse, rotate and disperse the seeds evenly around the walls of the jar. Ensure the mouth of the jar is clear to allow sufficient airflow. You may begin to see some white fuzz on your sprouts as they begin to germinate. This is more than likely root hairs and nothing to worry about. Check out our help center for more info!



Depending on your lid, place your jar on it's stand or on it's head to allow any excess water to drain. Place your jar on a plate or towel to catch any excess water. your sprouts will be happiest out of direct sunlight at ambient room temperature. A kitchen counter or cupboard is perfect. Repeat steps 2 & 3 daily until harvest.



Your sprouts are ready as son as all the seeds have germinated and grown a "tail". They are best left to sprout for another day or 2 after this stage, the longer you leave them the bigger they will grow. When you are ready to harvest, give your sprouts a final rinse and drain. 



Drying: Remove your finished sprouts from your jar and spready evenly on a kitchen towel. Allow sprouts to airdry for 30-60 minutes. Using a salad spinner will help speed up the process. Letting your sprouts dry will help them store for longer in the fridge.

Storage: Sprouts are best eaten as soon as possible but will store well for 3-5 days in the fridge. Keeping them in an airtight container lined with kitchen paper will help them last longer.

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