Top 5 reasons to start growing microgreens


So you want to know if growing microgreens is for you?

Microgreens are the seedling of any vegetable you can think of. They differ from sprouts in that they are sown on soil, coco coir or another growing medium and allowed to develop their first sets of leaves. Microgreens have similar nutritional values to sprouts but have the bonus of being allowed to photosynthesise, the product of which – chlorophyll – offers us a whole range of added benefits. Microgreens are harvested above the soil level meaning the roots are not eaten.

Here are our top 5 reasons to grow microgreens!

1. It’s very quick

Microgreens take a bit longer than sprouts but they are worth the wait! Most varieties are ready in 8 – 10 days. Some varieties like coriander, basil, fennel and dill are best left for 3 – 4 weeks in order to allow them to grow their true leaf. This it the leaf that grows from between the initial set of true leaves and is a lot more aromatic and flavoursome. It’s good to have a mix of varieties growing at once so you can snip what you need and add a whole range of nutrients to your diet.

2. It’s a lot of fun

While growing microgreens is slightly more challenging that growing sprouts, it is incredibly satisfying and once you know how to do it right, you can grow anything! We teach our customers our commercial scale growing techniques in our kits. They are simple but effective and when done right you can get a lush, bountiful harvest from every tray you grow. Trust us, we have made every single mistake you can imagine and we know what works. You'll learn these skills in our kits too. 

3. It’s very healthy

Similar to sprouts, microgreens are little powerhouses of nutrition. Microgreens differ in that they are sown on a growing medium (soil, coco coir, fibre growing mats etc.) and you don’t eat the roots. Microgreens benefit from being exposed to sun for longer and so produce chlorophyll which our bodies benefit from also.

4. It’s beautiful

There is a reason microgreens are known as chef’s confetti! They add colour, flavour, texture and life to even the most boring of dishes. Not only do they make your meals looks fancy, they are an absolute pleasure to watch grow on your windowsill. Deep reds, purple, pinks, greens and yellows will liven up your home – 365 days a year!

5. It’s delicious and cheap! 

When you have tried a coriander microgreen you will know what we mean. The flavour of some microgreens is hard to compare to the mature vegetable. As you eat them raw, you can taste the delicate freshness that is hard to come by with mature veg, You can also grow a tray of microgreens for a few cents in 8 – 10 days and they are entirely organic and chemical free.

So we hope you will give growing microgreens a try! Remember, if you try our kit and aren’t 100% satisfied, we will refund you.

We recommend starting with our Vitamin Variety Microgreen Kit. You’ll get to grow 8 of our favourite seed varieties and learn all the skills you’ll need to become a microgreen farmer!

Learn how to grow microgreens here!

Still not convinced? Maybe Sprouts are for you!

Read more about sprouts here.


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