What Are Microgreens And Why You Need Them In Your Life


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What are microgreens?

Micro-what?, Micro-who? You might be asking what are microgreens? 

Microgreen is the term used for a juvenile edible plant. Lying between sprout and baby leaf growth stages, microgreens are harvested just as the first true leaf begins to emerge between the seed leaves. 

Microgreens are used as colourful and flavourful garnishes in fine dining restaurants, but growing microgreens benefits your health,the environment, and is incredibly easy and rewarding to do yourself. 


Little work but large reward

Due to the nature of Microgreens being an almost set and forget method, it takes away the manual labour along with the time constraints associated with their mature counterparts. This means the busy parent and the working professional who want to eat healthier and get growing but don’t have the time can get involved, join the community and take back some control when it comes to where their food is sourced from. 


Grow microgreens 365 days a year

Microgreens can be grown 365 days a year, 7 days a week with very little other inputs required. Cultivation of microgreens can be done in any season. As the snow falls outside in the depths of December and the animals are in hibernation your seedlings will be thriving.


No space? No problem!

With the average living space of people growing smaller all the time, this means less space to grow and even less opportunity to keep a traditional garden. Microgreens help to solve this problem. Needing minimal access to sunlight, they will happily thrive on any windowsill. 

“My windowsill is full of other stuff” If you're really low on space but still want to start growing, something like the elevation station might help solve that problem. The Elevation station (v.e.s) is a platform with suction cups that acts as a shelf that you just stick to your window. Just like that you have expanded your growing area.


A little something for the kids

Are your kids fussy eaters? The feedback we’ve received from parents who’ve bought some of our kits is that they've gone down a treat with the little ones. 

Due to their incredibly quick growing times and cute, compact size, kids love them. It's a great way to sneak highly nutritious veggies into little bellies.

Studies have show that teaching children to grow their own food along with educating them on what's involved in food production can decrease their chance of developing obesity and has shown to increase food empathy


A clean and healthy food source

If the above hasn’t convinced you then you need to consider the health aspects of Microgreens. Along with being easy to grow, microgreens are a sustainable, clean food source. So healthy in fact that even NASA are growing microgreens in space!

By growing your UFO’s (Unreal Flippin’ Organic-foodsource) you’ll be giving your body access to fresh, organic and chemical free nutrition. You’ll also be breaking away from a food supply chain that is responsible for 13.7 billion metric tonnes of c02 emissions annually

On top of that, just think about all the extra energy you’ll have and how wonderful you'll feel being able to grow your own food while fighting off the living dead in any upcoming zombie apocalypse's. 


Cheaper in the long run

Eating healthy is something we all strive to do but let's be honest, healthier is not always the cheaper option. Those greens in your shopping basket can rack up a bill at the checkout, “How much is that Kale?!”, especially when (we've been guilt of this too!) you forget about a bag of salad in the fridge only to find it 2 weeks later. Not everyone will have access to local markets so you are then faced with a dilemma. Do you stop buying them and eating them altogether or do you stop buying them and start cultivating your own supply? We recommend trying the latter. 

Once the initial cost of setting up with micro farm using our kits or equipment your only ongoing cost will be your S&S (soil & seed). To get an idea of what to expect, have a look at our microgreen seed catalogue.With some pre-planning you can have a constant supply of organic greens.

Bursting with taste and flavour

Looking for inspiration in the kitchen can be a never ending task. Not everyone can use the plate as their canvas and create visual masterpieces in under a minute flat with four ingredients but it doesn’t mean you have to be left feeling less satisfied come dinner time. 

The versatility of microgreens allow them to be used in a number of dishes and combinations to keep both your eyes interested and stomach satisfied. From Salads to smoothies and sandwiches to pasta sauces, you’ll have plenty of new ideas come breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Now that we’ve laid it all out on the table it’s up to you to get growing. Just to summarize the benefits one final time

  • Little work & maintenance required to grow
  • Grow them 365 days a year
  • Grow in minimal space
  • Help develop food empathy in children
  • Have your own clean and healthy food source
  • Cheaper to grow over buying in the supermarket
  • Great textures and flavours for cooking

 a list of what are microgreens and why you need to grow them




That's it from us! Grow in peace.


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