What are microgreens and are they good for you?


Microgreen is the term used for a juvenile edible plant. Lying between sprout and baby leaf growth stages, microgreens are harvested as the first true leaf begins to emerge between the seed leaves. Microgreens are used as colourful and flavourful garnishes in fine dining restaurants, but growing microgreens benefits your health, the environment, and is incredibly easy and rewarding to do yourself. 

The moment a vegetable is harvested it begins to lose nutritional value. 

In some hardier foods, like apples and carrots, the nutrients can stay around for several weeks. Others like thin and vulnerable salad leaves lose a significant amount of nutrients each and every hour after being harvested.

Pre-packaged salads are packaged along with a special mix of gasses known as a modified atmosphere. This keeps them looking fresh and extends their shelf life of up to a week. They may look fresh, but it doesn’t mean they are.

Did you also know that "pre-washed" salad leaves are also rinsed in a chlorine solution to prevent food poisoning? It is recommended to be rinse all prewashed salad again before use for this reason, wasting water and polluting our environment with harmful chemicals.

study from the journal of Food & Function states “Due to their favourable contents in micronutrients and bioactive compounds, microgreens have been proposed as “super foods”, and have been suggested for very demanding consumers, such as raw foodists, vegetarians and vegans. They are also indicated for growing in urban and peri-urban settings, and have been proposed even as a component of space life support systems”. Truly a food of the future!

Microgreens contain high levels of:

  • Phytonutrients
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Enzymes

It is easy to grow a substantial amount of microgreens, on a small footprint, in a very short space of time at home. Adding a varied selection of super quick growing micro vegetables and micro herbs to your diet fills in all those little nutritional gaps you might not even realise you are missing.

Our seeds are organic and pathogen tested, meaning they are optimal for sprouting or microgreen usage. You can harvest straight out of your growing tray and eat fresh greens instead of week old, tired food. The trip to your plate is then done in steps rather than miles and there are no chemicals or packaging waste in sight! In that sense, it's already a no brainer! 

Using our kits and microgreen seeds, you can achieve bountiful, restaurant standard results from a windowsill in your own home. 



  • Clare

    Where are you based? I’m interested in growing my own microgreens

  • Esther O Regan

    Oh i would love those seeds

  • Kevin Mac Cormick

    Truly wonderful user friendly system…so easy and simple to harvest your very own micro seeds-they literally grow before your eyes!!
    Delivery was so prompt and the customer service and feedback top class..got my second batch of seeds today and ready to start a growin’ again!!

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