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So you’re intrigued by what you see, but where do you start?

Let’s start with a quick intro into what Nufields is all about. We are a small Irish business based in Dublin. We are professional growers that have put together some really easy to use but effective grow kits. We have products suited to first time growers all the way up to large scale, professional operations. We source and supply the highest quality specialist organic seed available and provide you with top quality equipment for sprouting and microgreens. Nothing gets shipped that we don't 100% stand behind. We hand make every kit in our little workshop in Howth. Dublin. Using our products, you can grow a huge amount of food at home in a matter of days. 

The seed we use is special because it is tested rigorously for germination rates and any harmful bacteria or viruses meaning it is much cleaner and fresher when compared to seeds you may buy in your supermarket or garden center. This is because these seeds are intended to produce food that is eaten much sooner than traditional veg, and in the case of sprouts we eat the whole thing, root and all! That’s what makes a sprouting seed a sprouting seed. If you planted a broccoli sprouting seed in your garden, it would still grow into a broccoli in a couple of months. Our seeds are just organically produced, cleaned and tested to make sure at least 85% of the seeds germinate.

 Ok so we’ve established why our seeds are special. Now what are sprouts and microgreen?!

Person draining a sprouting jarA sprout is any seed that is allowed to germinate for anywhere from 1 to 7+ days. We grow sprouts without soil and using only water and then eat the entire thing meaning absolutely zero waste. Seeds go in, sprouts come out. The sprouting process kickstarts a whole series of amazing reactions within the seed, drastically boosting its nutritional value, reducing levels of anti nutrients within the seed and breaking down complex sugars into simpler ones meaning our body can digest them better.

We are only starting to scratch the surface of the benefits sprouts and microgreens can offer your body and wellbeing. When you sprout lentils for example, you can increase their protein content by 25% in 3 days.

We recommend growing sprouts in a good quality glass jar as it’s easy to clean, you can see what’s going on inside and it makes rinsing and draining a breeze when compared to other plastic tower type sprouters. Sprouts are ready very quickly and don’t require any light whatsoever making them suitable for nearly any climate, season or indoor location where you can fit a glass jar! Our sprouting kits are perfect for beginners and advanced sprouters alike. 

Image of person harvesting buckwheat microgreensSo we know what a sprout is, what is all this microgreen business? Microgreens can be thought of as the sophisticated older sibling of sprouts. We use the same seed as for sprouting but for microgreens we sow them on a growing medium, like soil, coco coir or special fibre growing mats. We use a tray instead of a jar and unlike sprouts, we need to place microgreens somewhere where they can receive light and photosynthesise.

Microgreens are widely used by chefs as garnish but they are incredibly nutritious, sometimes containing up to 40 times the vitamin levels by weight of the mature vegetable. 

We have incorporated some easy but effective techniques into our microgreen grow kits that we use when growing on a large scale. This pretty much ensures a reliable and consistent growing experience each and every time. The important thing is that when you sow a tray of microgreens that you know exactly what you are going to get. We make that possible in our kits. 

We have been growing for a long time so we know what to look out for but we know it can sometimes be overwhelming when you first start growing. (Everything's happening so fast! What’s that fuzz! The peas have taken over my house!)  For that reason we offer a 100% success guarantee for all our kits or your money back. That means that if something goes wrong, send us a pic and we will diagnose what may have happened, give you some advice and keep sending you replacement seeds until you’ve nailed it! If you still aren’t happy we will refund you.

We are also always on hand to offer advice and assistance if you are ever unsure - our primary goal is to make sure you have the best experience possible!

We hope you will join us and hundreds of our amazing customers in growing your own food at home. You don’t need much space, you’ll see results in a matter of days and you will be growing and adding some of the healthiest food on the planet to your diet. 

 Thanks for reading and enjoy your sprouting and microgreen adventure! 

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