I don’t see my question on this FAQ?

Please email us at info@nufields.ie, we will use any questions to improve this FAQ.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal & Google Checkout. For Bank transfers get in touch. info@nufields.ie

What is the difference between Microgreens, Sprouts & Baby Salad Greens?

They are different stages of a plant's growth:

  • Sprouts: Sprouts are the first stage of a seed’s development and are generally grown without a growing medium (soil), but are sprouted and rinsed in a sprouting tray, jar or bag. They are usually eaten soon after the seeds germinate and are delicious and crunchy.
  • Microgreens: Micro greens are typically grown in soil or another growing medium and are the second stage of a plant’s life, where roots establish themselves and the first leaves (called cotyledons) appear. Microgreens are harvested at this stage just as the true leaves (adult stage leaves) emerge. Plants in the micro green stage are typically at their peak of flavor intensity and have had the opportunity to absorb trace elements and micro nutrients from the soil.
  • Baby Salad Green: Baby greens are allowed to grow for a week or two beyond the micro green stage when the true leaves have emerged. Baby greens are harvested while they are still juvenile plants. The flavors are much closer to their full adult stage, and they have had ample opportunity to absorb more micro nutrients from the soil.

Are your seeds organic?

Yes, all our seeds are organic.

What are the easiest microgreens to grow?

The seeds in our Nubox kit are what we have found to be the easiest but also the most fun to grow. Radish, broccoli, peas and rocket all grow quick and taste great. Other easy varieties are cabbage, Cauliflower, chia and Buckwheat.

What if I’m looking for a seed you don’t carry?

Email us at info@nufields.ie, we will do our best to source it for you.

My seeds won't germinate!

A reason for this could be temperature. Most seeds require warmth for germination (coriander is one variety that prefers cooler temperatures). Try putting you Nubox in a warm room or near a radiator. Not too close! Make sure your surface doesn't dry out. Which leads to our second possibility: Your surface and seeds are not moist enough. If you are meant to soak your seeds, try soaking a few hours longer. Mist regularly to make sure everyhting is moist. If all else fails, email us at info@nufields.ie and we will take care of you.

My microgreens keep bending to one side

They are probably not getting enough light or they were in blackout for too long. Try a sunnier spot or rotate the tray to make them lean back the other way. If they were too leggy after blackout they can be too weak to hold themselves up properly. Try reducing the blackout time next grow and you should have perfect healthy greens in no time!

How important are grow lights?

They are not critical, sunlight is what plants have used for billions and billions of years to help them grow. We use both sunlight and growlights. For grow lights we prefer LED as they are light, consume vastly less electricity, produce very little heat, and give plants the blue and red ends of the spectrum which is what plants absorb.

Do I have mould?

Mold is a common occurance in the dark moist environment. Most microgreens produce small fuzzy white root hairs. These are sent out to look for water and can be mistaken for mold. Here is an example of root hairs vs. mould:

Mold looks like a long stringy spiderweb creeping across the surface of the soil.

There are several ways you can combat mold. The most effective is with 3 - 6% Hydrogen Peroxide (h2o2) . This can be purchased from most pharmacies and is industry standard mold remedy for microgreens. Fill your mist bottle with a few ml of h2o2 and top up with water. You only need a small bit as it degrades into water and oxegen very quickly. Be careful not to get the concentrated h2o2 on your hands. Shake to mix and spray on the affected area daily untill you don't see any more mold growing usually one of two applications is all you need.

H2o2 is water with an extra oxegen molecule and is used as an antiseptic and anti bacterial. It is considered suitable for organic gardening as it breaks down very quickly. It can be corrossive when unconcentrated so be extra careful with your skin and especially around young children. Store h202 in a dark location as it degrades when exposed to light. H2o2 will break down quickly into water and oxegen and even give your plants a boost. Rinse any greens well to be safe before eating.

Do not use on plants that have been exposed to light as it can burn their leaves. Mold will usually die off when exposed to light and when there is lot of air flow. If your greens are nearly ready for light, just bite the bullet and uncover them.

Place them beside an open sunny window and the mold will die off quickly and the surface dries out. An alternative to h2o2 is a teaspoon of baking powder mixed with water in your spray bottle. Vinegar mixed 50/50 with water and then sprayed on the affected area can be effective as well. If your mold problem does not subside or you have any other issues, email us at info@nufields.ie and we will look after you.

Can I harvest the same crop twice?

Second harvests are generally scraggly and weak, but it can be done. We recommend one harvest per crop and then disposing of the soil responsibly.