Corn | Organic Microgreen Seed


Corn | Organic Microgreen Seed

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Corn microgreens are a very unique variety in that they are grown entirely in the dark! The reason for this unusual method of growing is that if the shoots are exposed to light they become really bitter and tough but when grown in the dark they are pale yellow and incredibly sweet. A must try! 

Latin name: Valerianella locusta

Health Benefits:  Vitamins A, B, C, and E, calcium and magnesium


Microgreen Instructions:
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Soak: 6 - 12 hours
  • Germination time: 3 -4 days
  • Harvest from: 6 -10 days
  • Flavour/texture: Incredibly sweet. Pale yellow shoots 


1. Sow your seeds directly on your prepared growing surface - no need to cover with soil if using.
2. Place a tray directly on the seeds and weigh down to ensure good contact with the growing medium and to help the roots dig deep.
3. Keep weighed until the seedlings have germinated and are beginning to push against the weight. It is best to keep the tray in a dark location to ensure no light reaches the shoots.
4. Place in blackout when the seedlings are about 2cm tall
5. Leave the shoots to grow until they reach the roof of the blackout dome - about 7 days.
6. Harvest as soon as the corn grass has reached the blackout lid. Ensure no light reaches the shoots while they are still growing. 

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