Jute Fibre Grow Mat - Standard - 4 Pack


Jute Fibre Grow Mat - Standard - 4 Pack

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Jute mats are an effective and clean way to grow microgreens. Our mats are made from 100% natural and recycled coffee bean sacks and are fully compostable after use.

Jute is an edible leafy plant similar to hemp.

Our mats fit snugly inside our standard sized kit trays.

Pack Size: 4 pack

Dimensions: 19x14cm

How to use:

  1. Fully saturate the mat before use in cold water
  2. Carefully roll up the mat and squeeze out any excess water leaving the mat damp but not dripping wet.
  3. Place in your growing tray and fit the mat neatly into the corners.
  4. Sow your seeds!
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