Create Your Own Kit | 4 seed kit | Certified Organic Microgreen Grow Kit


Create Your Own Kit | 4 seed kit | Certified Organic Microgreen Grow Kit

Tray sets (One set of trays grows one crop at a time):
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Supplement your diet sustainably by growing your own superfood. Our microgreen grow kit is an easy to use windowsill garden that requires minimal effort. You can easily grow an abundance of incredibly nutritious organic microgreens all year round.

You can try any 4 seeds from our collection, giving you 4 beautiful harvests of microgeens. Want to add extra seed? Check out our seed selection here!

Experience the benefits of growing your own organic, eco friendly superfood - no matter where you live. Did you know it take 200 times less water and 95% less time to grow a nutritionally equivalent amount of broccoli microgreens compared to the mature vegetable?

Join us on our mission to promote a healthy, sustainable and localised attitude towards food!

Our kit uses a few simple techniques to make growing your own microgreens a foolproof experience. Our microgreen kit works just like a normal garden except instead of waiting months for a crop you can begin harvesting in as little as 7 days. Kids also love it!

Each kit comes with one set of trays allowing you to grow one of your seeds packets at a time.  To add more tray sets to your order simply add however many you would like using the buttons below.

Using our microgreen grow kit you can:

  • Enhance your diet, improve your health and boost your immune system with organic microgreens that are up to 40 times more nutrient dense than the mature vegetable
  • Teach children about the benefits of growing their own food. Research shows that kids who get involved in growing their own food develop healthier eating habits and are more adventurous when it comes to dinner time! 
  • Reduce food and plastic waste from supermarket bought salads – microgreens just keep growing instead of wilting away in the fridge!
  • Save water and reduce food mileage and carbon emissions
  • Have a beautiful windowsill farm full of colour and variety growing all year round
  • Refill easily! Try out a Refill pack to add more pre-cut and pre-measured seeds to your order! Once you know what you like you can simply order more coco coir and larger packets of seed to ensure you have a constant supply of great value, healthy greens.

What’s in the Box

  • Detailed instructions
  • A set of professional standard growing trays for growing one crop at a time
  • Any 4 of our certified organic microgreen seed varieties to try out
  • 4 x 1 litre bricks of organic coco coir growing medium – enough for 4 crops
  • A glass spray bottle for misting

We want to make sure you get the absolute most out of your windowsill garden so you also benefit from dedicated customer support for advice and any questions you may have on your microgreen adventure! 

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