Organic Liquid Seaweed Extract - Ocean Leaves


Organic Liquid Seaweed Extract - Ocean Leaves

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Ocean Leaves® Liquid Seaweed Extract is made using cold-processed, hand-harvested Irish seaweed. It can be used on fruit, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, trees and lawns.

Certified Organic by Organic Trust, liquid seaweed is an ideal all-round fertiliser and can be used on fruit forming crops e.g. tomatoes, strawberries & apples, tuber plants e.g. potatoes, carrots, onions, turnips, as well as garden herbs.

  • Induces yield increases, enhances plant health & plant quality
  • Increases plant tolerance to, and recovery from abiotic stresses
  • Enhances the plants ability to assimilate applied nutrients
  • Improves soil structure and its moisture-holding capacity
  • Promotes the growth of beneficial soil microorganisms
  • Increases biotic stress resistance, reducing nematode infestation & pest population such as red spider mite and aphids


Seed Germination:

1 caps (15ml): 7.5L water

Soak seeds for 24 hours before sowing.

Propagation & Transplanting 

2 caps (30ml): 6L water

Root drench each watering/ Drench root ball before transplanting

Growing on & Mature Plants 

2 caps (30ml): 6L water

Apply as a root drench or foliar spray every 10 -14 days during growing season.

Fruit & Veg

2 caps (30ml): 6L water

Spray after transplanting, then every 2 weeks. 

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