Organic Peat-Free Compost Kit - 30 Litres


Organic Peat-Free Compost Kit - 30 Litres

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Meet our certified organic and peat free growing medium that plants adore! Brew your own growing medium in minutes. 

Our peat free compost is a highly versatile and effective growing medium that uses sustainable and renewable organic coco coir, perlite, organic Irish grown seaweed fertiliser and incredibly rich organic worm castings to create the optimal growing conditions for your plants.

Stores in an A4 sized box until use. Simply add water let the coir expand and mix the ingredients together to have rich, organic, peat free compost in just 30 minutes. 

The addition of fine horticultural perlite allows air to be stored right where the roots need them. Never worry about over watering and waterlogging your plants again! The carefully selected ratio of coir, perlite and fertiliser gives your plants the optimal balance of water, air and nutrition. 

The addition of hand harvested organic seaweed fertiliser helps boost the organic matter and mineral content of your compost resulting in:

  • Faster growth
  • Stronger root and leaf production
  • Protection against fungal infections and pests
  • More robust vegetables that last longer

Our compost is disease, pest, weed and fungus free giving you peace of mind and super healthy plants! 

Our peat free compost is approved for use in organic systems by the Organic Trust. 

Directions for use:

  1. Place your coir brick in a large bucket (at least 10 litres) and pour over 4 litres of water. Let it absorb fully - about 45 minutes. 
  2. Break up you coir and add your bag of perlite and sachet of organic fertiliser. Mix well.
  3. Your compost is now ready to use!  

Note: If not using your compost all at once, give it a mix every 2 or 3 days to help it dry out evenly. Using dry coir is beneficial as you can control the water you add more effectively. 


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