Spinach | Organic Baby Leaf Seed


Spinach | Organic Baby Leaf Seed

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This organic spinach variety, Renegade, is ideally suited to year round growing - especially indoors or in a sheltered spot.

After just 6 weeks this crop can begin to be harvested by simply picking the larger outer leaves and letting the rest grow on. The smaller and younger baby leaves have a much sweeter flavour than mature spinach. 

Packet size: 3g (approx. 200 seeds)


  1. Sow the seeds quite densely on your growing surface and cover with soil. 
  2. Water the seeds in and let the seeds germinate somewhere out of the cold. A windowsill or greenhouse is perfect. 
  3. Begin cutting the leaves when they are about 10cm tall. 
  4. The remaining leaves will continue growing for 3 or 4 more harvests. 



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