100W Full Spectrum RedFarRed Grow lamp


100W Full Spectrum RedFarRed Grow lamp

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Based on a multi-diode and patented-phosphor technology, RedFarRed LED Grow Lamps represent the cutting edge of the LED growing evolution.

Plants are held in growth mode by targeting the Phytochrome System with an increased Far Red to Red ratio and are provided with maximum Photosynthetic energy, targeting Chlorophyll a and b absorbance.

Patented phosphor technology using .23W diodes (434 diodes per 100W), ensures long life and Maintains the spectrum.

Simply put, using these highly efficient professional grow lights will help your plants grow larger, faster, with increased yields but without the huge electricity bill.

Spectrum Benefits – For the Plant

  • Rapid root growth
  • Uniform plant structure
  • High density of internodes
  • Decreased vegetative time
  • Vegetative to flowering transition 3 to 5 days
  • Flowering time decrease of up to 14 days
  • Top quality flowers

Lamp Benefits – For the Grower

  • Lamp designed for maximum area coverage per Watt
  • Passively cooled lamp – no moving parts; CE Mark, IP65 Certified; Meanwell Driver
  • Lamp can be suspended 15 cm from the plant as harmful heat, UV and IR wavelengths (generated by standard grow lights) are not present


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