Asian Leaf Mix | Organic Baby Leaf Seed


Asian Leaf Mix | Organic Baby Leaf Seed

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Our organic Asian leaf blend is a bright and colourful mix or our favourite Asian salad leaf varieties, ideally suited to year round cut and come again cultivation. 

Our mix contains mizuna, pak choi, chinese cabbage, turnip greens and mustard leaves. This mix is bright colourful and packs a flavour punch! 

Once the plants reach about 10cm high, begin harvesting the outer leaves leaving the rest to grow. Harvesting this way will give you at least 3 beautiful harvests of the freshest salad leaves imaginable!

Packet size: approx. 500 seeds


  1. Sow the seeds quite densely on your growing surface and cover with soil. 
  2. Water the seeds in and let the seeds germinate somewhere out of the cold. A windowsill or greenhouse is perfect. 
  3. Begin cutting the leaves when they are about 10cm tall. 
  4. The remaining leaves will continue growing for 3 or 4 more harvests. 



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