Basil | Organic Microgreen Seed


Basil | Organic Microgreen Seed

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Our Genovese Basil is a firm favourite with professional and home chefs alike and adds a summery pop to any dish. Basil is a mucilaginous seed meaning it develops a jelly like sack around itself as it germinates. For this reason, basil is best grown as a microgreen and is not suitable for jar sprouting. 

Pair with fresh sliced tomatoes for an amazing caprese style salad or grow and harvest a whole tray and make your own micro-basil pesto! 

Latin name: Ocimum Basilicum
Health Benefits:  High in: Vitamin E, A, K, B6, and C; as well as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, phosphorous, potassium. Good for combating inflammation, promoting bone strength & hormone regulation


Microgreen Instructions:
  • Difficulty: Challenging
  • Soak: Do not soak
  • Germination time: 4 - 6 days
  • Harvest from: 14 - 21 days
  • Flavour/texture: Very fresh, zingy basil flavour. Bright green tender leaves. Amazing in salads or a a refreshing garnish. 

1. Sow your seeds directly on your prepared growing surface - no need to cover with soil if using.
2. Place a tray directly on the seeds and weigh down with a tray to ensure good contact with the growing medium and to help the roots dig deep. You do not need to place an additional weight in the top tray for basil.
Note: Basil seeds are mucilagenous meaning they develop a jelly-like coating when wet. This can cause them to stick to the top tray during germination so take care when inspecting.
3. Keep weighed until the seedlings have germinated and are beginning to push against the weight.
4. Place in blackout when the seedlings are about 2cm tall - use blackout to stretch your seedlings to your desired length. It is best practice to wait until they are taller than the rim of your growing tray.
5. Place in a sunny location or under grow lights to green up your microgreens.
6. Harvest as soon as the true leaf starts developing. You can wait longer for a larger true leaf and a more powerful basil flavour.

Sprouting Instructions:

Basil is not suited to sprouting in a jar. 


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