Bean Sprout Kit | Certified Organic Sprouting Kit


Bean Sprout Kit | Certified Organic Sprouting Kit

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Bean sprouts are one of the best plant based sources of protein available and rich in essential amino acids. Harvest your sprouts in as little as 4 days from start to finish - it couldn't be easier! Our kit comes with 500g of mung bean seed to keep you fully stocked with plenty of beansprouts! 

Sprouting not only drastically increases the protein content of the bean seeds, it also lowers the levels of phytic acid, an anti nutrient. Anti nutrients can reduce the effective absorption of important minerals like calcium, zinc and magnesium. 

By sprouting your own bean sprouts, you know you are only eating organic, fresh and homegrown food. You just grow and eat what you need! 

Use in smoothies or salads - for maximum effectiveness eat fresh and raw. 

Health Benefits: High in fibre, protein, folate, manganese and B Vitmamins. Promotes a healthier digestive system and gut health.  

The kit contains:

  • 2 x 350ml high quality sprouting jars - perfect for 3 - 4 portions of sprouts
  • 2 x Stainless steel sprouting lid - Easy to clean and the most effective lid for sprouting
  • 2 x Adjustable sprouting stand to help achieve optimal airflow and drainage
  • 1 x Seed Scoop- 1 scoop = 1 large portion of sprouts
  • 500g Organic Mung Bean Sprouting Seed
  • Detailed instructions
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