Cocogrow Kit - Colourful Kit

€19.99 €23.99

Cocogrow Kit - Colourful Kit

€19.99 €23.99
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Grow microgreens in a beautiful upcycled coconut shell in our most sustainable kit yet. Eating healthy has never been this fun and quick! 

Our 100% certified organic, plastic free and vegan grow kits not only look great but will keep your windowsill loaded with highly nutritious and beautiful microgreens all year round.

The colourful kit will grow some of our most beautiful and eye-catching microgreen varieties. Lots of colour = lots of vitamins! 

Did we mention...they're ready to harvest in just 8 -10 days?!

Our Cocogrow Kits are suitable for growers of all ages - no green fingers needed! Our simple and easy to follow instructions will have you growing like a pro in no time! 

Just sow your seeds, add water and let your coconut garden do the rest! 

What's in the box:

1 x Beautiful upcycled coconut grow bowl 

4 x Bricks of organic coco coir soil

4 x Organic microgreens seed packets

  • Red cabbage, Pink Kale, Purple Radish, Pink Radish
1 x Detailed instructions >


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