Complete Grow Tent Kit


Complete Grow Tent Kit

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If you have a 1x1m² space, you have room for a highly efficient state of the art indoor grow room. 

Our Complete Grow Tent Kit gives comes with everything you need to grow and monitor almost any crop you can think of. From tomatoes and chilli's to melons and cucumbers - everything can be grown to perfection 365 days a year .

The kit comes with a premium quality grow tent with highly reflective internal lighting to maximise every photon of light. 

The grow lamp itself is a highly efficient 100W full spectrum light that puts out enough light for the entire growth cycle of your plants.  

What's included:

  • 1 x 1m² Premium grow tent
  • 1 x 100w Professional horticultural LED Grow Lamp
  • 2 x Ratchet light hanging clips
  • 2 x USB fans
  • 1 x Smart WIFI thermometer/hydrometer 
  • 1 x UK 3-pinned Smart Plug (for automating lighting)

Not included: Extension chord, USB plug adapters, 3x AAA batteries for WIFI thermometer/hydrometer

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