Microlight Smart Garden


Microlight Smart Garden

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When it comes to consistent and top quality microgreens, controlling as many variables as possible is of key importance. This is where our solution comes in. Meet the Microlight Smart Garden! A professional grade grow light that puts control back in your hands.

By using smart plug technology and an app to automatically adjust your lighting schedules, you can grow restaurant standard greens in any location or situation, from anywhere in the world! Whether you want to grow in your office, kitchen, bar or attic - the Microlight Smart Garden allows you to grow anywhere. 

Our highly efficient LED grow light emits cool blue light in the 6400K spectrum. This area of the colour temperature spectrum closely mimics daylight meaning every day is a bright sunny day when you use the Microlight Smart Garden. 

The high efficiency of our LED bulbs means running a full lighting schedule of 16 hours per day will cost €0.03 per day (based on 2021 Electric Ireland day rate). Run your lights at night and pay half that, you are in complete control with the Microlight Smart Garden. 

The Microlight Smart Garden fits a 1020 grow tray or 3 of our standard 24cm growing trays perfectly. Enjoy fresh, summer quality crops all year round. 

Benefits of the microlight - microgreen grow light

What's in the box:

  • 1 x 18w | 6400k | 18 inch LED batten 
  • 1 x Smart plug 
  • 1 x Light stand with adjustable light grips
  • 1 x UK/Ireland standard plug
  • 1 x 1020 tray
  • Detailed instructions


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