Nufields Grow Bag - 30 Litre


Nufields Grow Bag - 30 Litre

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Our 30 litre grow bag is a highly versatile and durable solution for growing all types of plants on patios, balconies, gardens or inside the home.

Durable and breathable fabric aids air pruning which has huge benefits for plants grown in containers.

Air pruning occurs when roots meet air that permeates though the breathable fabric walls, causing them to stop growing. This prevents root rot, allows for even soil moisture, eliminates circling roots which in turn accelerates growth above soil level and increases yields of fruiting plants.

A durable lining in the top half of the pot prevents premature degradation common with lower quality grow bags and dramatically extends the products lifetime.

Key features:
  • Premium fabric with extra strong stitching
  • Breathable fabric let's more oxygen access roots, aiding root pruning and increasing yields.
  • Extra tough and durable cross stitched handles for easy transport
  • Folds away for easy storage when not in use
  • Machine washable (max 60°C)
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