Protein Power mix

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Soak: 12  - 24 hours
  • Germination time: 2-3 Days
  • Harvest time: 12 - 14 Days

Our protein power mix is an unruly beast that delivers and incredibly impressive yield.  A blend of pea, chick pea, lentil and mung bean gives this crop a powerful protein punch - hence the name! 



Soak the seeds in plenty of water for 12 - 24 hours. 

Sow the seeds on your prepared Nubox surface and cover with a very moist paper towel (optional). Place a weight in the top tray. Leave for 3 to 4 days until the seedlings have built a good root system and push the top tray up about 1cm. 

On day 3 or 4, remove the weight and flip the top tray to create a blackout dome. Leave for one day to allow seedlings to straighten up and stretch slightly. 

After 24 hours place your tray on a sunny windowsill or under another lightsource. 

Bottom water by lifting the green tray up and pouring approximately 100ml of water into the base tray. Wait 10 minutes for the water to absorb fully before deciding to add more. 

Be careful not to overwater as waterlogged roots will kill your plants. 

Harvest from day 12 onwards.