Ultimate 12 Cell Self Watering Success Kit With Coir Pellets


Ultimate 12 Cell Self Watering Success Kit With Coir Pellets

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The Ultimate Self Watering Propagator - just add seeds and water.

Maintaining optimal growing conditions is essential for successful seed germination. A propagator can help but careful and managed watering is also required. This range of self watering propagators feature an internal water reservoir.

The growing trays are supported above the reservoir on raised platforms which are in turn covered in capillary matting. The plants draw the water naturally from the capillary matting as required.

This kit is the perfect size to sit comfortably on a window sill and includes 12 growing pellets giving just the right amount of growing media for each cell.


  • Reservoir tray
  • Support platform
  • 12 cell growing tray
  • Capillary matting
  • Clear cover.
  • Coir Pellets

Each of the growing cells measures 5cm x 4.7cm x 5.8cm deep and has a capacity of 0.1 litres. With the exception of the capillary matting and the clear covers, this unit is made from recycled plastic.

The growing tray can be re-used year after year and can be easily sterilised in a dishwasher.

Size Check: 37.5cm (15") Long 13.5cm (5.25") Wide 16cm (6.25") High

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